Shave Aficionado Bergamont Scented Shaving Lather

Shave Aficionado Bergamont Scented Shaving Lather

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Hot Shave Treatment Lather Exclusive to New York New York Men's Grooming Lounge, an 8 ounce Jar of Shave Aficionado. This jar when used properly will give you 60-80 Shaves. More than 2 Months of shaving from a single jar.

A Unique blend of Skin Essentials combined in a Luxurious Lather. This will give you the smoothest, coolest and most refreshing shave you have ever felt. Our essential oils collection has come from over 20 years of testing and trial and error. We have now come up with the Master formula, and created a near organic solution to give your skin an incredible shaving surface. 

100% Canadian Formulated and Made Locally! We Pride ourselves on giving you the highest grade of product so you can feel confident applying this to your skin. No unknown chemicals will ever be found in our Shaving lather.

Shave Aficionado is a Burlington/Oakville based Company Providing superior Products for an unforgettable shaving experience. Barber quality products in the comfort of your own home...