Depot Men's Grooming Gift set for "Beard Owners"

Depot Men's Grooming Gift set for "Beard Owners"

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Conditioning beard oil. Nourishes, conditions and gives control and shine to the beard with a pleasant and unique fragrance. Easily absorbed, it protects the integrity of the beard. Recommended to detangle and soften the beard. Always apply before brushing, particularly in medium to long beards, to avoid hair breakage.

Purifying and moisturizing shampoo specifically for beard. Formulated with delicate surfactants without SLES. Purifies and hydrates the facial hair while helping to maintain the beard. Recommended for daily use.

Non-foaming shaving gel / Brushless. It allows you to ‘draw’ with speed and precision lines and details, outline of the hairstyle, beards, mustaches and goatees, allowing perfect visibility. It can be used with both knife as electrical shavers. It facilitates razor glide and leaves the skin soft and fresh.

And Grooming Brush all presented in a fine wooden gift box...